10 Things that tell you that cat runs your household

Here are some fun facts that can tell you who really runs your house 🙂

  1. Whatever you do, you have to consider that the little pink nose has to be there first and check it out. This is particularly annoying if you are about to hammer a nail or fix something that has to do with electricity.
  2. Whatever you cook/eat/open/bring home you have to let him smell it first.  He can scream and shout like crazy when you open a package of most expensive French cheese, or serve shrimps. It doesn’t mean he wants to eat it. He just HAS to smell it.
  3. You find your husband sitting on a wooden pallet next to his work desk while the cat is lounging in his leather manager armchair. I watch this scene every day starting from 11 pm so I know what I am talking about.
  4. Your mum, who hated cats for most of her adult life, feeds your cat lobster, because “he looked at me with such sad eyes”. For the record, my mum never served lobster when I and Mr were visiting.
  5. When you live your chair to get something for the dinner table and the cat jumps right up and lays there, your husband forces you to take another chair. And the cat just HAS to jump up your chair.
  6. Even if you turned off the alarm clock after it rang, the cat will serve as your snooze button. He’ll not shut up until you get up EVEN if his bowl is full with food. That doesn’t matter, if he’s up, you have to get up as well. And he was not going to stay awake. He just wanted to make sure you will be there to watch him comfortably curl up in the sofa and fall asleep.
  7. All boxes or big paper bags will be turned into hide-outs from which you can and will be attacked unexpectedly and quickly. What is it with cats and the boxes?
  8. If you did your laundry and brought it home, and suddenly cannot locate the hairy creature, you know he’s lying right on the black t-shirt, which you’ve just spent last hour trying to free of annoying cat hair.  And if he’s really in the mood, he’ll dig deeper so that more clothes are destroyed.
  9. You have to have special cat candy at home just in case your cat is upset with you and you have to bribe him. Why would you ever need to do that? Well, because he knows all the ways to annoy the shit out of you, and you’ll never be able to get to him.
  10. You feed your cat the most expensive food available in the vet store, in amounts decided by your cat, and ignore the comments from your vet that “your cat is fat and needs to go on the diet”. The vet is stupid, right? And the cat is not fat, it’s all just hair.

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