Being a photographer…

  • I never considered myself being crazy or obsessed with photography. I loved photography as long as I can remember, and I thought it was fun to crawl up to the edges or in the dungeons to get a good shot. The result – that photo that you are really proud with – was always worth it.

    I got thinking some months ago, when we went to Stockholm over Easter. I and a friend of ours wanted to take a photo of the Ericsson Globe Arena  in Stockholm during the dusk. It’s important to mention that it was around 4 degrees Celsius, heavy winds and the only place we could find a decent shot was near the busy highway. It was also raining, as it does in Sweden, from nowhere and from all directions at once…

    We got there around seven pm, following the info on the weather app that indicated an approximate sunset time. My husband, who is not a hard core photo nerd was left in a car. We set up the gear and pointed the cameras towards the Globe. It was too light… so we waited…

    I will skip the description of the next two hours, when I remembered all the songs to sing, all the dances to dances and all yoga poses you could do standing to warm up, I will also skip the speech, or scream, we received from my dearest two hours later commanding us to get back to the car… But the summary of the whole adventure was one (1) decent photo, two people with a cold and one angry husband…

    For the following couple of weeks my husband made fun at me saying that only the hard core photography nerd could endure all that bad weather, noise and odd looks just for one shot. At least I wasn’t waiting for weeks in the snow to get a shot of some fox in the woods or crawling in the water to get a photo of a swamp bird…

    What do you know? Two weeks later I was crawling in the greenery of botanical garden, with scraped knees and all that brings, to get a nice photo of spring flowers… and I don’t regret a second of it!


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