Rain, rain, go away…

My husband sings a funny children’s song to me sometimes when I feel bad. It goes something like this:

Rain, rain, go away

Come to me another day,

Little baby wants to play…

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been humming this song whole day long, wondering when will it ever stop raining here.

It is one of the worst summers I can remember when it comes to weather. Today is the 2nd of June and I still see people going around the city in thick winter jackets with fur. I, myself, am wearing the same jacket since beginning of March… It has been a constant period of haze, fog, mist, and grey clouds with tiny periods of cold sunshine.

Today one of our consultants from India seriously asked when is the summer in Sweden. The response was “Have you looked in the calendar? It is summer in Sweden!”. The poor guy was mortified.

I have never seen so many sick and depressed people in my life. It seems like the whole building is coughing, sneezing, battling headache and trying not to fall asleep at the same time. These are not the productive times…. As I write these words I can hardly see anything through the window for all the rain and fog, and the only thing that comes to mind is “Rain, rain, go away…”


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