Afternoon at Trädgårdsföreningen

Yesterday, My mom, grandma and I visited Trädgårdsföreningen, or botanical association, situated right in the Centre of Göteborg, opposite of Central Station.

The main reason for the visit was that grandma wanted to see the roses, for which this place is known for, however because of the “splendid” summer we have here, and which I wrote about in my other post, the roses were not even thinking of blooming yet.

What were blooming in all their glory were azaleas and rhododendrons, together with Irises and forget-me-nots.


What also brought us a lot of fun and joy to grandma are all the pretty birds that were not afraid of eating from moms hand



We also had a pleasure of seeing a cute duck family with small fluffy ducklings running after their mother. She was obviously used to all the people around her, so she patiently let me get close to photograph her offsprings:


More photos from our nice trip you can see in my Portfolio Project “Trädgårdsföreningen in Göteborg


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