Walking the streets

“What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters.”
― Charles Baudelaire

Don’t you just love sitting somewhere quiet with a glass of wine or a warm cup of coffee, watching people pass you by… Young, old, sick, healthy, honest, deceptive, they seem so preoccupied with themselves and so unaware of anyone. The make the strangest faces, like no one was watching, or tell most dreadful things, like no one was hearing them. We all assume that we are alone in the crowd, that no one is looking at us. But it is unbelievably interesting to look, to see, to listen…

Some of the most mundane places can look increadible from another angle, like some old familiar tram stops or narrow streets. Some of the most prosaic things can bring tears to your eyes, or making you smile, like watching too kids hold hands and hug. Some other things can make you upset and angry, like seeing self exclaimed religious Profets to step over a handicapped beggar…

The city is full of beautiful and ugly, of black and white… To see my photos from the streets of Göteborg, see my Street B&W Photography gallery.


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