Photoshop – Photo splash effect tutorial

Today I decided to try out a tutorial from one of my favourite sites on the internet is on photo splash effect. The tutorial is done with rose bouquet, but I decided to be more creative and try to achieve a splash effect on the photo I took myself, of lovely Rhododendron flowers.

The reason why I love is that they have tonnes of beautiful ideas for website templates, retouching, cool Photoshop styles, etc, and it all comes with step-by-step tutorial.

The original image with effect applied (from looks like this:


 And here is my final result:


 So if you are too lazy to go looking for step-by-step tutorial at, here is how I did it. Note that I didn’t follow all the steps exactly.

Original and stock images

Here is my original photo:


The stock images for splash you can find here:

Step-by-step Tutorial

  1. Create a new Photoshop document that is higher than you original photo
  2. Fill the background with solid black
  3. Place your photo into the new document (File –> Place)
  4. Duplicate the “flower” layer and  apply a Gaussian Blur to the bottom layer
  5. Duplicate the blurred layer and merge both of the blurred layers together.
  6. Make original flower layer active and apply a layer mask.
  7. With magnetic lasso tool select the edges of the flowers.
  8. Open milk splash image and make it black and white (Image –> Adjustments –> Black & White)
  9. To separate splash from the background, go to Select –> Colour range.
  10. To clean up the selection, go to Select –> Edit in quick mask mode

    Select quick mask mode


    Selection in quick mask


  11. Deselect quick mask mode and click on Select –> Refine edge to clean up the edges of the selection


    Refine Edge

  12. Inverse selection, copy milk area and paste it into a new layer
  13. Transform the splash layer and position it to fit with the flowers.
  14. Delete the unnecessary parts with the eraser tool
  15. Select a colour inside of your flower and apply a filter on the splash with that colour (Image –> Adjustments –> Photo Filter)


    Apply Photo filter

  16. Apply following layer style effects:
  17. Create splash on other flowers in the same way.
  18. Place bokeh image in a new layer. Apply a layer mask and erase the middle part. splash-4
  19. Apply soft light blending mode to bokeh layer




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