Cyclists with no brain

Sometimes when I drive I wonder if cyclists somehow magically turn off their brains, or were they just born that way.

In many European countries it is very popular to cycle… Everywhere… In any weather…

I get it. People want to leave healthy and exercise. Bicycle is a very environmentally friendly way to get around. Regardless of the reason behind its use, bicycle still remains a transportation device, which use is bound by specific rules and regulations.

In Sweden, for instance, there are specific lanes meant only for cyclists, or cyclists and pedestrians. There are also rules on who shall let ahead whom and how people shall behave when riding a bike. However cyclist reserved the self-acquired right to ignore any regulations or any other co-travellers, pedestrians as well as car drivers.

I never stop wondering about sheer stupidity of this approach. When I am driving a car and you suddenly appear in front of me on the road meant for motor vehicles, there is a huge risk I will not be able to brake in time… and then even if you have more rights by definition as a cyclist, and I should exercise caution at slightest thought that you’ll appear, my car will just get a dent… you will most probably get injured for life or die. Have this thought ever occurred to you? It doesn’t look like it…

Today I was a witness to an event that made me very angry.

I was driving to work and I had a huge timber truck in front of me. The guy was driving very carefully, using indicators and keeping to speed limits, which was 50 km/h. Next to the road there is a bicycle lane on which an elderly lady was cycling some 200 m ahead of us. Suddenly she just turns and crosses the road, without even looking, right in front of a moving truck! I have no idea how the driver managed to even react, but he hit the break so hard, that the trailer didn’t manage to stop and continued gliding to the left of the truck itself. Everyone behind were braking in panic…The only thing that saved that woman was the speed she had crossing the street, because the tuck has stopped right where she has passed.

She never even considered looking if there was a vehicle on the road. There was no crossing where she was riding. And the most important she never considered the distance that a fully loaded 72 tonnes timber truck needs to come to full stop. As I worked with trucks before, I know that it takes at least 35 meters… AT LEAST!

So what happened next? Well the lady stops, turns to the truck driver and starts yelling that he’s a raging idiot that should never drive a truck, because he obviously cannot handle it. By that point the truck slid half across the road due to semitrailer being slower in braking than the truck itself…

I was ready to get out and kill that hag myself… The truck driver just slowly got of the cab, checked the semitrailer, winked us all and drove off…

If it wasn’t for his extraordinary reaction, the old hag will be ground meat under his front axle by now… but she still thought everyone else was an idiot and she was right…. Go figure!


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