Macro photography with extension tubes

“I’m always mentally photographing everything as practice.” Minor White

I have always wanted to try out macro photography, but I wasn’t sure if I will stick with it, so I didn’t want to buy a macro lens. A friend mentioned that so called extension tubes was a cheaper option that could give ok results.

So when my extension tubes (ordered from e-bay) arrived, we went to a Botanical garden to try them out. The results I have described in my post Nature in Macro.

I discovered that the rings were sensitive to the size of the lens, so when they could loose connection to the body if I leaned to much forward due to lens weight. The best results and the most stability I got using my 50 mm lens which is much lighter than the standard kit 18-200 mm lens.
Yesterday I decided to give the rings a second try and shoot my orchids at home. Here are the photos I got as a result:


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