Experimenting with water drops

“Time itself comes in drops.” – William James

Couple of days ago, my friend Ali and I decided to try some water drop photography. To my dear husband’s horror we occupied entire kitchen with backdrops, lamps, water droplets, bottles, food colours, tripod and camera. We were smart enough to put lots (and I mean LOTS) of plastic on the table, which quickly turned into a shallow pool.

I have to tell you, photographing water drops is easier said than done. We tried different types of drops, we hung bags over the water, we tried with timer shuts and manual releases, yet from about 1500 frames we got around five ok ones. We did not get a single perfect shot. NOT ONE!!!

What we’ve got was an annoyed husband, drowned table, scared cat, and lots and lots of cleaning to do…

What we’ve learned is the most important part is to get the stable flow of drops, use coloured water and that you really need a good flash.

I’ve also managed to get a couple of decent photos of pouring water into a glass:

Waterdrops 1

Waterdrops 3


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