Vintage cars – can you tell the brand?

“It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new.” – Tony Visconti

While visiting beautiful Kokkedal Castle in Denmark, about which I wrote in one of my previous posts, we were lucky to see three fantastic vintage cars parked on the castle’s parking lot.

One of the cars, a beautiful and extremely rare Studebacker, was still spotting the wooden wheels and most of the original interior. Another one, a Mercedes, was in fantastic shape and was a wonderful subject for black and white photography.

The most outstanding car was however the one in the featured image for this post. It was parked right outside of the castle and it created wonderful feeling of time turned back. Although almost everyone took photos of this beautiful vehicle, there was no one who can identify the brand. It stated “Supercharged” on the side of this beauty, but nothing more.

Do you know what this car is? If you do, please let me know?


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