“I can see it from here!” – our walk to the Eiffel Tower

  • “Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”
    ― Steven Wright

    Paris is city of love, of light and of incredible scenery. We have visited the beautiful capital of France for the second time and this time decided to discover the city on foot.

    One beautiful evening we decided to take a walk from our hotel, situated in Latin Quarters, to Louvre and further to Bridge of Alexandre III to take some photos at the sunset. I packed my photo gear (which fits decent backpack), tripod, some water and we left.

    We walked down Boulevard St. Michel, walked over Sant Michel bridge and passed by Conciergerie, watching people resting on the banks of Seine on the man made sand beach or just strolling down the paved banks.



    Louvre was just around the corner…

    The magnificent home of French kings was full of tourist trying to take a selfie pointing down or holding the famous glass pyramid at its court yard. Being more of a traditional type photographer, I took a shot that actually showed both the glass structure and its incredible surroundings.


    Glass pyramid of Louvre

    The beautiful Tuileries Garden were right in front of us, offering much needed shadow on a very hot day. By the time we reached the big fountain in the middle of the garden, we were were walking for about 4 km in 30 degree heat, so we decided to take some rest together with other tourist and aborigines near the fountain.

    Tuileries Garden

    Tuileries Garden Fountain

    In front of us was a magnificent view of Champs Elysees, Place de la Concorde and Arc De Triomphe full of tourists and Parisians walking about.


    View of Champs Elysees

    After having much needed rest, drinking some water and taking some photos we continued towards the Place de la Concorde. We arrived there just in time to take a great shot of the Egyptian monument with the sun picking out from behind it…

    Place de la Concorde

    Place de la Concorde

    We turned to Port de la Concorde and following Cours la Reine finally reached Pont Alexandre III (Alexandre III bridge), which we promised our friend Ali that we would photograph at sunset.

    Pont Alexandre III

    Pont Alexandre III

    The bridge was beautiful and the large moon hanging low in the sky made the whole place even more magical.

    Pont Alexandre III

    Moon over Pont Alexandre III

    We turned to the right and saw a beautiful view of Eiffel Tower on the other side of the Seine… This is when the bright idea came to my dear husband….

    Pond de Invalides and Eiffel Tower

    Pond de Invalides and Eiffel Tower

    “Let’s walk to the Eiffel Tower! It’s not far! I can see it from here!” – he exclaimed.
    “Honey, we are already tired. We’ve been walking all day and we have gone over 15 km today” – I tried to reason with him.
    “No, it’s close! We already walked this far, it’s not going to take long!” – he insisted.

    He had to eat it up every kilometre of our 4 km walk from Pont de Invalides to Carrousel la Tour Eiffel. When we reached the tower it was already lit.

    Paris Eiffel Tower

    Paris Eiffel Tower

    To say we were tired was to say nothing at all… but we decided that we haven’t made it this far just to take the metro home. We will take photos of the lit Eiffel Tower from Trocadero.

    Paris Eiffel Tower at Night

    Paris Eiffel Tower at Night

    We bravely took the shots after fighting our way up the Esplanade du Trocadero, passing by hundreds of tourists, souvenirs’ vendors and drunk teens. We even got to see the famous light show that lasted for shameful 2 minutes or so.

    We got to the metro and back to the hotel on pure power of will, as there was no other power left in any of us. We had bloody blisters on our feet, our backs hurt from the gear and all the walking, but we took the shots of the Alexandre III bridge at sunset and the Eiffel tower at night. My dear second half had to listen to “Oh, look! I can see it! It must be near!” for good two weeks afterwards, but the next day we ventured out again….

    Stay tuned for more shots and stories from the city of light…

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