Bad Saarow – a resort where time stands still

  • To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment. – Jane Austen

    A week ago my father-in-law had a birthday, which we all celebrated at a Spa Hotel in a small resort an hour drive from Berlin – Bad Saarow. The tiny village of Bad Saarow (I refuse to call it a town) is situated on the shores of the Scharmützelsee in the area that was previously Eastern Germany. The place was a favourite resort for the communist party pumps who had their summer residences there.

    Bad Saarow is known for its mineral waters and mud and there are spa resorts all over the place. We even managed to find Germany’s smallest four star hotel – Villa Contessa.


    Villa Contessa

    When walking along the shores of the Scharmützelsee it feels like even the nature around you is half asleep. The whole place breathes calmness and seems completely untouched by the outside world of politics, stress, and crisis.

    It seems like inhabitants of this peculiar place are of a certain age group, and that they all know each other too well.

    Coffee drinkers

    Coffee drinkers

    Bad Saarow reminds me a lot of Weimar with its large parks, quiet atmosphere and elderly inhabitants who’s sole point of existence seems to be coffee-drinking and socialising.

    But despite all of the quite and calm, there is something that you can never take away. Something that Germans take very seriously – their car brands. As it is only in Germany you can find a marketing campaign for an Audi with an actual Audi on a stand in the middle of the woods.

    Audi stand

    Audi stand

    There is only one more thing that Germans seem to take even more serious and that is socialising and eating. The canoe competition gathered rather large crowed and we could hear it for miles.

    Canoe competition

    Canoe competition

    Both old and young were participating in the activities and they took the competition very seriously

    Group warm-up

    Group warm-up

    Here are some more photos from this calm and beautiful place:

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