Why should you think about anyone else?

Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner piece. – Dalai Lama

This year we have spent the New Year’s Eve at a beautiful Varberg Stadshotell, a spa hotel in Varberg, in Sweden.
I love this place, as it always makes me relax and forget all the troubles in the world. I love it’s vintage charm and beautiful relaxing spa complex.

This year we also booked the New Yearsdinner, which was to be accompanied by the performance of the Swedish song group called “Fröken Signe”, which we really looked forward to as they seemed fun.

To my luck I managed to tear my right ligament and had to add crutches as fashion accessories to my New Year’s attire. This made me not only the only one spotting the fashionable chromed accessories but also radically impaired my ability to move.

To compensate my inability to move around, the kind waitress made sure that we were sitted at a table from which we could see both the stage and also from which I could easily crawl away if needed.


The ladies started to sing and here when I realized that there are people who just take “not giving s$$t about anyone else but me” a new meaning…

It started by the complete table right next to the stage moving their chairs right next to the stage and blocking half of the view


They absolutely didn’t care that people could not see from behind their chairs, neither did they bother about the ladies of Fröken Signe not being able to move around.

But the “best” part was yet to come, when a bunch of people just came over and stood right in front of me. They could hardly miss the fact that this was the only way for me and all people at our table to see anything, considering the very obvious crutches and all… So here is how the concert looked like for me:


On the comments of my second half that this was not the place to stand and that they could move a bit, the comment was “You can stand up and then you’ll see!” in very unpleasant tone.

This made think of the reason for such attitude towards others… Ok, I can understand that you missed the fact that there is a person with crutches, but why be so rude when kindly asked to move a bit to the left? Isn’t it better to be a bit nicer to each other during this time of the year? Why this egoism?

This added a fairly large  spoon of tar in our barrel of honey of the spa hotel experience. But we decided this will not spoil our wonderful celebration and the experience at this lovely place. Here are some photos from the hotel (I apologize for the quality, as I had to take the photos with the phone):


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