What are you afraid of?

  • To him who is in fear everything rustles.  – Sophocles

    I am a strong person… well, I am a person who has been hearing all her life that I am a VERY strong person. At certain points it has been so ridiculous that I was laughing when looking at myself in the mirror “You are f-ing superwoman!” People around me seem to think that I am so tuff, so determined and so driven that nothing ever can stand between me and my goals and nothing ever scares me. They could not be more wrong! 

    I am afraid of the most ridiculous things. I am afraid of things that are real and absurd, or just absurd, meaning that they are not even real.

    I know where I inherited this completely irrational behavior from (hmmm… mom), which makes me make up some completely crazy thought in my head that is really scary, and get really obsessed with it and go around and scare other people with imminent occurrence of this horrible something… I know it sounds stupid and funny and it is stupid but for some reason my family is not laughing.

    When it comes to absurd but real things, they are just so ridiculous they are actually funny! Today I was reminded of one of these things when I went over the camera roll on my phone and I saw this:


    This photo and the one you see above are the ones I have sent to my hubby when I called him almost in tears and begged him to come and save me from the horrible scary beast that prevents me from exiting my car and going home. I was petrified! I will let you laugh it off for a couple of minutes….

    At first my dear better half thought it was really something horrible when I phoned him and said that I am afraid to open the car door because “THIS THING IS THERE AND IT HAS HUGE ANTENNAS AND IT’S LOOKING AT ME”… the antennas part made him suspicious and he required photographic evidence. By that time I was determined to find alternative way through the opposite door on the other side of the car, or to spend the rest of the day and the night in the car if the scary things will decide to launch a full scale attack on me.

    My hubby laughed like crazy when he got the photos. LIKE CRAZY!!! He even got hiccups! But he came to my rescue. He laughed even harder when he saw that the grasshopper was around 1,5 cm long and when I made him swear that it is far away and not looking in my direction when I was coming out of the car. Yep! The superwoman, right?

    Imagine my horror when I got to the car next morning and saw the freak of nature sitting on the exactly same spot on the side mirror. I crawled into the car from the other side and made sure all doors were locked behind me. The grasshopper hung on for the good 5 km on the highway before the wind blew him off. I was so happy!

    So what’s your scariest encounter?

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