Edgy kitchen and dining room wall art

  • Have you ever visited a restaurant or a coffee shop or even friend’s house and admired cool but very simple artwork they had on the walls which was basically photos of silver- or kitchenware (mostly in black and white) and wished you had found something like this too?

    And then when you go online or walk the furniture stores you see the similar artwork and you look at the price tag and realise that this is all absolutely not worth it?

    Well I have… But then I though (as I often do) “how hard can it be?”. I have a camera, I have loads of stuff in my kitchen, I can do it too. And believe me, it is definitely not hard at all.

    To get these edgy photos you need:

    1. Whatever you have in your kitchen (forks, spoons, whisks, etc.)
    2. A piece of paper in any colour (I took black)
    3. A lamp or a torch to use as your light source
    4. A camera

    The trick is to set the camera on the same level as the piece you are shooting. If you shoot from above the photo doesn’t tend to get that edge ;). You can also play with the placement of the light in order to get the highlights and shadows when you want them to be. When shooting sieves or tea tongs try to light them from behind to get more drama.

    Below are some of the pieces I shot to illustrate the point.

    If you are interested in getting any of them for yourself let me know 🙂 .


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