Spring on the West coast of Sweden

  • When talking about the weather on the West coast of Sweden you cannot seriously mention spring, sun or warmth without adding some joke to it, like “l love the Swedish summer, it’s my favorite day in the whole year”. You cannot take the weather here seriously, otherwise you will go mental.

    The weather on the West coast is mild, it is most often moist, cold and windy. Being born in Moscow where you can clearly feel all the year’s season it was a shock for me to realise that there are basically two main seasons on the Swedish West cost: 11 months of rainy autumn and a week or two of spring. That’s it!

    Two years ago we actually had 6 weeks of summer, and I mean 6 weeks of temperature over +25 C. That was extraordinary!!! 🙂 You keep laughing…

    It took me some five years to understand why at the first sight of sun and temperature above +10 C Swedes lounged on the park lawns and sunbathed. I was passing by in my warm jacket freezing just by looking at them. Now I am there among everyone else. When the sun comes out and it says “April” in the calendar it is warm by definition and power of will!!!

    This is why me and my oh-not-so-appreciating-Swedish-spring-weather second half went to a park to walk and to “enjoy the weather”. We are still enjoying the aftermath of that beautiful walk – angina and runny noses, but although the weather last week surprised us with beautiful sunny mornings, horrible rainy afternoons and snowy freezing nights all in the range of 2-3 days, we managed to get some nice photos of spring flowers.

    Here is the glimpse of spring and warmth in Göteborg, beautiful flowers that make you feel good in that horrible weather.

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