Flower wallpaper in home studio

  • I was sitting and playing with my iPhone the other day and found the beautiful flower wallpaper they had there (yes I am that slow). The photos were beautiful and I really couldn’t get enough of them, but then I though “I am no worse than Apple!” (yes, this is actually what I thought!) “I can do my own wallpaper!”

    There is nothing scarier in the world than a determined woman, so I got immediately to it. The flower bouquet I had at home was disassembled, the flowers were carefully examined and cut, nipped, tucked and put in various bottles and paper balls so that they will stay in the position I needed.

    I actually used nothing more than 2 different sheets of paper (one white and one black), a handheld reflector, my trusty Nikon D7000, a flashlight and a Nikon flash.

    If you don’t count me jumping up and down the chairs, boxes and table to get the perfect angle of light the shoot went very calm and took about 45 minutes. I actually took very few photos and most of them didn’t require any post production.

    If you want to try something like this at home, my tip for you would be:

    • block as much of the ambient light as you can. I used shutters to try to get as close to complete darkness as possible.
    • Underexpose your flash with 1 – 2 stops (it differs for white and black background)
    • Bounce the flash off the reflector, don’t use it directly on the subject.
    • Softlight filter is a SHAM!!!! I doesn’t work and everything is just slightly out of focus. They did something in post prod at Apple to get the look.

    So here are my results:

    What do you think?

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