Beautiful sandy beach in Skagen, Denmark

  • Some travel long distance to find fantastic sand beaches and blue sea. I never had the need to travel so far, as su beautiful places are so close and in places so unexpected it takes your breath away. 

    We’ve been leaving by the sea for so many years and the beauty of it never stops to surprise me. However the Nordic sea landscape never seem to be inviting and light. They are majestic, colorful, and breathtakingly beautiful, but you never get that longing feeling as the one you get at beaches of Greece or Spain, the feeling that you just want to run on the beach and jump in the water.

    For many many years I’ve been watching people board the ferry to Fredrikshavn in Denmark and thinking that they are all going there just to buy cheap booze. What is it to see in Fredrikshavn? What is it to see in Skagen? What do you mean beaches in Denmark? They should be the same as in Sweden….

    This year we took the chance and made the trip to Fredrikshavn, took the train to Skagen and taxi to Grenen, as this beach area is called. What a view laid in front of us…


    The second I stepped on that sand I realized why this area is so famous among the artists. They light was magic even in the midday and the colors were unbelievably bright and vivid. The golden sand glistened in the blazing sun for hundreds and hundreds meters. Although there were thousand people on that beach it still seemed empty and calm.

    We walked in the sand taking in the light and the beauty of the surroundings. I could never believe that these kind of beaches existed in the North.

    If you ever have a chance to visit the area, do not miss this pearl. I swear you will not regret it!

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