Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen

In the end of August we have visited Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen. None of us have ever been there before but seeing the Carlsberg beer in the stores and seeing their fun TV-commercials it was long-lasting wish of ours to visit the place where it all started.

We have never imagined the area that Carlsberg brewery occupies being so big, especially considering that most of the production is moved outside of Copenhagen and only Jacobsen beer is brewed onsite.


The entrance to the Carlsberg brewery

The visitor’s center welcomes one with display of old beer wagons and a small beer garden, where you can have two glasses of beer for free if you purchase the ticket to the brewery.


Old beer wagons

During the tour you can see all from collection of bottles dating from the very start of the production to the Carlsberg horses and to the prototype of the Copenhagen’s little mermaid that was commissioned by the Jacobsen family as a gift to Copenhagen. The history of the family is quite amazing too.

Here are some more photos from this nice and homely place.


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